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Baking for children with Globi's favourite recipes

Once per week master baker Lukas and Globi are opening the doors to the famous bakery and children can bake under the guidance of master baker Lukas to one's heart's content. Let's bet, that the entire baking room will be filled up quickly with plenty of pleasant smells!


  • Baking in a profi bakery under guidance of master baker Lukas Imseng
  • Equipment like apron, baker toque and any other necessary utensils
  • Ingredients for baking 
  • All baked products for take away as sweet souvenir


  • Every Tuesday at 9 a.m.
  • Price: regular price CHF 8.-, with citizen pass CHF 7.20
  • Recipe book "Baking with Globi" at special price of CHF 26.- 
  • Every book will be autographed by Lukas Imseng with a personal dediction including the name of the child
  • Subscription until Monday, 6 p.m.


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